sticky wheel weights

Sticky wheel weights are an essential part of maintaining a safe and properly running vehicle. These small pieces of metal, typically made from lead or zinc, attach to the outside edge of a car’s wheel in order to balance the tire and ensure that it rotates evenly. Without these weights, tires can experience vibrations which can cause premature wear on both the tire itself as well as other components within your vehicle's suspension system. Properly installed sticky wheel weights also help improve fuel economy by reducing drag caused by unbalanced wheels spinning at different speeds.

In order for your sticky wheel weight installation to be successful there are several important steps you must take beforehand such as cleaning off any dirt or debris from around where you'll be placing them so they stick correctly and accurately measuring how much weight is needed for each individual tire before buying enough adhesive-backed tape strips with which to affix them securely onto your wheels' rims. You should also make sure that all four wheels have equal amounts of weight attached in order for everything run smoothly without any issues down the line due to uneven balancing between left/right sides or front/back ends respectively; this will save time having not needing re-do work later on if something goes wrong during driving conditions after installation has been completed already!

Overall, using sticky wheel weights is an effective way keep vehicles balanced while improving overall performance levels when done correctly - just remember follow instructions carefully prior starting process so results come out right first time everytime! Doing this will ensure better handling capabilities along with improved gas mileage over long term usage periods too – saving money & resources alike while keeping safety paramount always throughout entire procedure no matter what type automotive project being undertaken currently today!
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