Collection: Taping And Packaging Machine

Our wheel weight taping machine produces a single drum of 5g+5g and a double drum of 5g+10g. Our 5g+10g machine can also be used by setting it to 5g+5g. Except for electrical and electronic parts, all of them are produced in our own company and machine automation is done by our own staff within the company and includes years of experience. Consequently, we can guarantee the machine's operation for many years and technical support can be provided by our own staff whenever required. As a result of many years of experience, all developments in our machines have been completed. Thanks to this, the machines will operate in your business without any problems for many years.

Additionally, simultaneous production monitoring can be done directly from the control panel, and the number of weights in each band can be adjusted as desired via the control panel interface.

Our wheel weight taping machine can be produced with a packaging unit if desired, or a packaging unit (LBAPKT) can be added to our previously purchased weight taping machine without any mechanical changes.

Wheel Weight Packaging Unit of YILSA brand, model LBAPKT, is a special equipment designed to provide the demands of modern industry. This unit specializes in efficiently packaging wheel weights in 5g+10g and 5g+5g combinations. Offering an impressive capacity of 15 boxes/hour, it ensures fast and consistent packaging while minimizing potential downtime.

One of its distinguishing features is its ability to work synchronously and seamlessly with the taping machine.This synchronized operation guarantees uninterrupted and trouble-free packaging. In terms of design, the packaging unit is designed to be mounted directly on the outlet conveyor of the taping machine.