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Wheel Weights General Information

Wheel Weight Chopping and Marking Machine

The machine utilizes Rotary Punch technology, employing male and female cutters on top of two adjacent drums that rotate in tandem. These cutters are positioned in correspondence with each other, and the sheet is chopped using the rotational force generated.

The machine also features marking drums that are positioned at the front of the cutting blades, with a logo in the center and the words Fe 5 and 10 in the corners of the strip. 

If required, marking drums with different logo can be provided by the seller.

The machine is capable of chopping the fed metal strip without generating any waste. The length of the chop is determined by the distance between the cutting blades, while the chopping width corresponds to the width of the fed sheet metal part. The sheet metal's width can be adjusted to vary the weights of the chopped parts.

Wheel Weight Taping and Packing Machine

Designed by Yıldız Endüstriyel Araştırma Merkezi San. ve Tic. Ltd.Şti, the Wheel Weight Packaging Unit of brand YILSA, model LBAPKT, is a specialized piece of equipment tailored to meet the demands of the modern industry. This unit is adept at efficiently packaging wheel weights in combinations of 5g+10g and 5g+5g. It offers an impressive capacity of 90 kg/hour, ensuring rapid and consistent packaging, while also minimizing any potential downtimes.

One of its distinct features is its capability to operate seamlessly in synchronization with the taping machine. This synchronized operation provides a guarantee of uninterrupted and smooth packaging. In terms of design, Yıldız Endüstriyel has integrated this unit to be directly mounted onto the output conveyor of a taping machine, promoting a streamlined transition between processes.

However, if a buyer intends to mount this packaging unit to a taping machine previously purchased, it's the buyer's responsibility to transport the taping machine to Yıldız's facility for assembly and then back to the buyer's location post-assembly. Given this, we highly recommend purchasing the taping machine along with the packaging integration. Doing so not only alleviates the manual labor involved in packaging — the only manual aspect in taping — but also ensures a fully automated and streamlined operational experience.

In conclusion, the Wheel Weight Packaging Unit presented by Yıldız Endüstriyel stands as a pinnacle of efficiency and precision. With its high capacity and adaptability, this unit promises to be a valuable asset to any production line it integrates into.

Uncoiler Machine

An uncoiler machine, also known as a decoiler, is a type of equipment used in coil handling processes. Its main function is to hold and safely uncoil a steel strip or coil. The uncoiler machine is typically located at the beginning of a production line or processing system.

There are various types of uncoiler machines available, including:

  1. Cradle Uncoiler: This type of uncoiler uses a cradle or support system to hold the coil. It is commonly used for lighter gauge materials.
  2. Reel Type Uncoiler: This uncoiler machine uses a reel or spool to hold the coil. It is suitable for heavier gauge materials and high-speed applications.
  3. Hydraulic Decoiler: A hydraulic decoiler utilizes hydraulic power to control the uncoiling process. It offers precise control and can handle a wide range of coil sizes and weights.
  4. Disc Uncoiler: Also known as a flat electronic feeder, the disc uncoiler is a horizontal uncoiler mainly used for unwinding thin plates.

When choosing an uncoiler machine, it is important to consider factors such as the material type and thickness, coil weight and width, line speed requirements, and the overall production process. Additionally, it is crucial to ensure that the uncoiler machine is of high quality, reliable, and meets safety standards.

It is recommended to consult with a reputable manufacturer or supplier to determine the most suitable uncoiler machine for your specific needs.

Wheel Weights

Adhesive wheel weights, often underestimated in the automotive world, play a vital role in enhancing both safety and driving comfort. These unassuming components are designed to correct imbalances in wheel and tire assemblies, ensuring a smooth and stable ride. They're incredibly versatile, accommodating a wide range of wheel sizes and weights, making them indispensable for various vehicles. Whether it's a compact car or a heavy-duty truck, adhesive wheel weights can be easily applied, thanks to their user-friendly adhesive backing. This ease of application not only saves time for tire professionals but also reduces the risk of damaging the wheel's finish during installation.

Additionally, adhesive wheel weights are evolving with the times, with lead-free alternatives and eco-friendly adhesives gaining prominence. This eco-conscious approach aligns with the automotive industry's sustainability efforts, reducing the environmental impact traditionally associated with lead weights. In summary, while adhesive wheel weights may appear modest, their adaptability, ease of application, and environmental considerations make them indispensable components for optimizing vehicle performance and minimizing wear and tear on tires.