Collection: Chopping and Marking Machine

The wheel weight chopping and marking machine uses the rotary punch technique in its production. It marks 5g or 10g on the product. If desired, brand logos desired by the customer can be printed.

Wheel Weight Chopping and Marking Machine is 4 to 8 times faster than its counterparts, thanks to the rotary punch technique it uses. It produces 60 thousand pieces of 5 gr or 10 gr wheel weight per hour in single strip feeding, and 120 thousand pieces in double strip feeding. It is simple to operate and use. Its volume is small. It does not require large production areas. It consumes less energy than its competitors. There is no need for the die and driver unit required in production with the equivalent press. All compiled on this machine.

Wheel Weight Chopping and Marking Machine has the ability to cut the fed metal strip without creating any waste. The distance between the cutting blade determines the length of the wheel weight, this length is 19 mm and is fixed. The weight of the product can be adjusted by changing the width of the cut sheet metal.

To produce 5g wheel weight 11.5mm wide and for 10g 23mm wide sheet metal is used, and its thickness is 3mm. You can also produce products in the desired weight by changing the sheet width. Sheet thickness is 3 mm and cannot be changed.

Except for electrical and electronic parts, all of machine parts are produced in our own company and machine automation is done by our own staff within the company and includes years of experience. Consequently, we can guarantee the machine's operation for many years and technical support can be provided by our own staff whenever required. As a result of many years of experience, all developments in our machines have been completed. Thanks to this, the machines will operate in your business without any problems for many years.